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W.ONE SPACE is an art gallery founded in Shenzhen by three Generation Y art practitioners. It was established in 2020 during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. New perspectives on art and life have emerged during this post-pandemic era. W.ONE SPACE aims to melt the boundaries between present, future and past by combining contemporary and ancient art under the logic of aesthetic research, thus bringing together the arts of different countries, different periods and different forms to interact and express in unity as ONE.

W.ONE SPACE is located in the The Sea World Culture and Arts Center (SWCAC), the first building to earn the Pritzker Prize in Asia, designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki. The main body of the building faces three different directions, each representing a different local context: the sea, the mountains, and the city. The Victoria & Albert Museum, the first museum of design in the world and the co-founder of the Design Society Foundation, established its first overseas location on the first floor of SWCAC, UNESCO exhibition hall has been set here as well. Lonely Planet has called it the “new destination and cultural landmark for exploration in design and art.” TIME magazine selected it as “the first cultural landmark in Shenzhen.” It is a place that unites worldwide culture and is an ideal location in Shenzhen for art and cultural industries.

The entire spatial design of W.ONE SPACE was created by design team INFINITE MIND, recipients of the German Red Dot Award, the IF Award and the American IDEA Award. The design originates from the concept "less is more", focusing on creating a space with an open atmosphere so that viewers can spend more time with the artworks themselves. The space is distinct from traditional white box galleries and can be freely re-arranged, which provides more possibilities as well as unexpected suprises. The space consists of two floors, with connecting irregular stairs and corridors. In addition, the outdoor terrace space not only creates a connection between the interior and the exterior, but also serves as an extension of the experience of the indoor space. The large-scale art installation furniture on the terrace is composed of marine organisms and recycled concrete, an exploration in the locality of the space.

W.ONE SPACE has actualized the philosophy of Tao, or “oneness” in its opening exhibition: “The Thinking of One, Two, and Three.” The themed exhibitions of “Everything and Nothing”, “The Boundless Wind and Moon” and “HAN SAN” are unveiled in sequence, Afterwards, we presented "White Without White" and "Once Upon a Time", which are common to classicalism, "Please Mind The Gap bewteen You and the Paintings" and "Unparalleled Collection Series", which are bold new crossover projects. "Human Beings are an Enigma" has presented a German artist with a global perspective. Bringing together the arts of different countries, different periods and different forms to interact and express unity as ONE. In the future, W.ONE SPACE plans to develop in-depth collaborations with international art fairs, participating in international cultural exchange, and promoting cross- cultural communication beyond national boundaries.



No.202,2nd Floor,Sea World Culture& Arts Center,Shenzhen

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