Friedrich Einhoff


Friedrich Einhoff

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Friedrich Einhoff (b.1936-2018), is one of the most renowned contemporary German Expressionist artists, known as “the man who put Hamburg on the map of German art” and "a wanderer between genres". Born in pre-World War II Germany, the long period of war and illness he experienced as a child led him to imagine a Gegenwelten, or parallel world, which for him was an unexamined zone between the “visible” and “invisible” sides of the human condition. Therefore, Einhoff’s figures all have a kind of bounded glamour, they may have blurred features or mutilated bodies, the artist uses the expression of “alienation” to create still life-like figures, so that they always have a sense of detachment from the picture space.

Dr. Werner Hofmann, an eponymous art historian, has called Einhoff one of the most innovative and experimental artists, for he opened up new territories for a view on human boundaries. His works exhibit a unique rigor and intensity, and he employs various media to “alienate” the facial features of his characters, rendering them “unrecognizable”. However, if one looks beyond the blurry, translucent veil, the perfect proportions of the characters’ facial features, the meticulous lines and forms, and the composition of color, the works reveal Einhoff’s profound academic background and extremely high level of artistic skills.




  • 5 Figuren 85/01

    Acrylic, charcoal and sand on canvas
    190 x 140 cm
  • Miniaturen 12/86

    Acrylic and sand on cardboard
  • Dunkler Kopf

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on paper
    34 x 25 cm
  • Kopf 08/29

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on paper
    25 x 19 cm
  • Tiefe Wasser 17/33

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on canvas
    33 x 18.5 cm
  • Figuren im Wasser 94/76

    Acrylic, charcoal and sand on canvas
    18 x 27.5 cm
  • Ziegenbad 12/158

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on canvas
    27.5 x 24 cm
  • Kleine Serie 2018 >18/03.15

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on photograph
    15.2 x 10.1 cm
  • Ohne Titel 95/05

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on canvas
    55 x 52 cm
  • Zwei Figuren 94/42

    Acrylic, charcoal and soil on canvas
    55 x 52 cm
  • Ohne Titel 85/04

    Coal, soil and Acrylic on canvas
  • Figur für A. 02/01

    Coal, soil and Acrylic on canvas
  • Junger Mann FE 03/08

    coal, soil and Acrylic on carton
  • Hand>4/17*|Acrylic,coalandsand onpaper|17.5x13cm|2014

  • M92/124*|Acrylicandsandoncarton|14.7x10.5cm|1992

  • M20/121*|Acrylicandsandoncarton|14.7x10.5cm|2000

  • M15/110* |Acrylicandsandoncarton |16.8x12cm|2015

  • M14/98*|Acryliconlaidpaper|17x11.8cm| 2014

  • M13/87*|Acrylicandsandoncarton|14.6x10.5cm|2012/13

  • M12/84*|Acrylicandsandoncarton|16.3x11.5cm|2012

  • M12/156*| Acrylicandsandoncarton|7.5x7.5cm|2012

  • M12/50*|Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton |14.8x10.4cm|2012

  • M94/37*|Acrylic,coalandsoil oncarton|15x15cm|1994

  • M94/26*|Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton|15x15cm|1994

  • M94/23*|Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton|15x12cm|1994

  • M94/11*| Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton|15x15cm|1994

  • M 94/8*|Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton|15x15cm|1994

  • M94/2|Acrylic,coalandsandoncarton|15x15cm|1994

  • M12/1*|Acrylic,coalandsandonpaper|11x16.2cm|2012

  • KopfimProlfi212/27* | Acrylic,coalandsandonpaper|14.2x10.5cm|2012

  • Figure3/12/28*|Acrylic,coalandsandoncarton|15x10.3cm|2012

  • FraumitHandschuhen96/05 |Acrylic,coalandsoilonpaper |30.8x24.5cm 1996

  • FigurenimWasser12/03 |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas|150x150cm| 2012

  • M12/49* | Acrylic,coalandsoiloncarton |14.8x10.4cm| 2012

  • Versuch89/01 |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas| 30.5x39.7cm|1989

  • FigurimWasser |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas| 150x200cm|1984

  • MontagstierenachderAnkunft-Beobachtungsphase |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas 60x80cm| 1988

  • Figurengruppe08/19 |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas |165x130cm|2008

  • Figure3/12/28*| Acrylic,coalandsandoncarton |15x10.3cm|2012

  • Beine14/06| Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas|40x30cm|2014

  • FraumitFaltenrock11/08 | Acrylicandsoiloncanvas| 40x30cm| 2011

  • BeruhigungderFreitagstiere88/03 |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas| 36.5x48.5cm| 1988

  • Pelztier14/16 |Acrylic,coalandsoiloncanvas|30.5x18.5cm|2014




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