Lyota Yagi


Lyota Yagi

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Lyota Yagi was born in 1980 and graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts. He currently lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. He focuses on sound art, sculpture, video and interactive installations. The artist strives to break the limits of human perception and learning attitudes by thinking dialectically, and advocates the discovery of content that is beyond the norm. He reorganizes and forms a completely new order of existing objects and established systems, thus inspiring the viewer's perceptual and functional experience.

With the beginning of the information era, media constantly penetrates in all fields. In order to avoid following the mainstream, Lyota Yagi adapts an information archaeological and anthropological perspective, as well as his personal humor. He creates profound and even romantic interpretations and references to the media of the "pre-information age". Yagi’s works concentrate on the five senses and time. In recent years, he has even explored to the realm of "geological time”, and juxtaposed and reconstructed the relationship between different medias. From the CDs and tapes, things that are out of our sights at the moment, to the petroglyphs and stone sculptures of the Lascaux Caves, papers and tapes live in symbiosis, stonewares and prints dance in unison. The artist uses a contemporary rebellion to work against the instincts of indoctrination. The art will transcend time and medium. Creativity always enlights us to learn and reflect on the unknown of the "past”, and to gain an artistic perspective to re-examine the medium and media.


  • Time Resonance

    Medium: Mixed Media
    Size Variable
  • For the Ontology of Letters(A)

    Medium: Cassette tape, book
    Size: 37x26x6cm
  • Tape(F50)

    Medium: Cassette tape, canvas
    Size: 116.7x91x3.2cm
  • For Algernon

    Medium: Acrylic
    Size: 26.5x39.1x0.8cm
  • Frotagge(Rock)

    Medium: Granite, Lambda print, Acrylic mount
    Size: 22.5x49.7x19.2cm
  • Cicada

    Medium: Brass, digital audio player, earphones
  • Sea under the Table

    Medium: Mixed media

    A device composed of two pairs of infrared headphones and a table. On the tabletop, you hear the sound above the sea and when you crawl under the table, you hear the sound underwater.Sound vibration has different acoustic resonance with different media, therefore it will be heard totally differently when heard in the air and in the water. The surface of water - the border that separates the air and the water - is a plane without thickness, and the table-board, likewise, separates its above and below.
  • Vinly(Swan)

    Lyota Yagi
    Medium: Mixed Media

    *Disk Player are sold separately
  • Sea and Metronome

    Medium: Video, metronome
  • Stupa

    Medium: Mixed media
    Size Variable
  • Timer(White)

    Medium: Sandglass, microphone, earphone